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How Arizona Treats Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time

Legal terminology in Arizona is slightly different from that of other states. Where some states use the phrase “legal custody” to describe decision-making authority for a child’s education, healthcare and religious training, Arizona refers to it as “legal decision-making.” Other states use the term “physical custody” to describe the parent’s responsibility for providing food, shelter,… Read More »

Divorcing Retirees Face Unique Challenges

Divorce is stressful at any age, and each stage in life brings with it an assortment of joys and challenges. When a divorce coincides with retirement, there are some issues that can make it particularly difficult. Balancing finances and retirement If your divorce is occurring while you are nearing retirement, you may be concerned that… Read More »

Dividing Student Loan and Other Debt Upon Divorce

Arizona is one of nine community property states in the country. The state’s community property statute states that virtually all assets, including real estate holdings, investments, cash and savings, are divided equally upon divorce. This law applies to debt as well. Student loan debt that benefits only one spouse While the division of community debt… Read More »

Parents Disagree on School Choice — Now What?

Earlier this year the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld a decision to continue to fund the state’s innovative Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program. The ESA enables families who meet certain conditions to choose alternative and supplementary educational opportunities for their children at very little cost.  The ESA provides a voucher for up to 90… Read More »

Why Do I Need A Divorce Attorney?

You can file for a simple divorce in Arizona without an attorney. If you have no shared assets, no children and no intention of asking for spousal support, there is probably no need for you to hire a lawyer. However, most divorcing couples do not meet these requirements. If you are getting divorced, it is… Read More »

Should I Avoid Probate in Arizona?

A wills and probate lawyer in Arizona has the job of helping you preserve your wealth and can offer advice about the best way to manage your estate. One important consideration that people face with estate planning is evaluating the importance of avoiding probate. In some states, probate fees are very expensive and attorneys, along… Read More »

What are Punitive Damages?

Most people are familiar with the idea that a personal injury victim can sue for damages when someone else’s negligence or wrongful action caused their injury. A personal injury lawyer in Tucson can investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury and consult you about taking legal action. The State Bar of Arizona explains that you can… Read More »

What Should I Know About Arizona Child Custody?

Courts base decisions on Arizona child custody laws when determining whether parents have joint custody, sole custody or a combination of joint and sole custody in caring for their child.         Under the Arizona Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act child custody proceedings arise for the following reasons: Divorce Separation Neglect… Read More »

What is an Arizona Covenant Marriage?

In an Arizona covenant marriage, couples form more stringent agreements about their marriage being a commitment for life. A family law attorney in Tucson, Arizona can help you understand your obligations under a covenant marriage and if you decide to end the marriage, work with you to obtain a divorce. Arizona Revised Statutes on Covenant… Read More »



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