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Why Do I Need A Divorce Attorney?

You can file for a simple divorce in Arizona without an attorney. If you have no shared assets, no children and no intention of asking for spousal support, there is probably no need for you to hire a lawyer. However, most divorcing couples do not meet these requirements. If you are getting divorced, it is likely that you are overwhelmed with the many issues before you — and that is not likely to change anytime soon. If you are wondering why you should not file for divorce on your own, here are a few compelling reasons.

You may not be thinking about your financial future

People who are divorcing are often focusing on either pacifying an angry spouse or alleviating their own guilt, depending on which partner has initiated the divorce. It is unlikely that you are thinking about your postdivorce finances and how the division of your assets or spousal support might affect you or your children later on in your life. A skilled attorney can do much of the forward thinking on your behalf.

Your children need your emotional energy

Children of divorce tend to need their parents’ time and attention, and rightly so. During the crucial months following your separation, your energies are most needed to set up a new arrangement for your family that nurtures your children and facilitates an ongoing relationship with both parents. Let your attorney do the rest, while you focus on being a great parent.

You need an advocate

People who are in emotional crises do not always manage to consider their own needs. You may be tempted to give away all of your family heirlooms and half of your inheritance just to get the proceedings over with. Your attorney knows the law and can represent your interests.

You may be vulnerable to manipulation

In many cases the relationship dynamic a couple has established during an unhealthy marriage is unbalanced, and you might not feel capable of asking for what you need in your divorce.  

Experienced divorce attorney Steven C. Weinstein can represent your interests and help you establish yourself for the next phase of your life.

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