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Arizona Arbitrator Resolves Divorce Disputes with Skill and Fairness

Tucson attorney delivers decisions for spouses who choose to avoid court

Arbitration is often a favorable option for couples who require a neutral third party to decide contested issues. Steven C. Weinstein has more than 30 years of experience handling all types of Arizona divorces. He draws upon that knowledge in his work as an arbitrator for husbands and wives who seek to avoid the time and expense of formal litigation. Steve renders clear, binding rulings on matters such as custody, support and property division. Often, arbitration not only leads to a quicker result, but saves a significant amount of expense on both sides, allowing each party to start a new chapter of their lives with more comfort and confidence.

Enabling husbands and wives to end their marriage without excess procedure    

Working with divorcing clients as a Tucson mediator and litigation advocate as well as an arbitrator, Steven C. Weinstein has a detailed understanding of which process works best in specific circumstances. Arbitration works for Arizona couples who are seeking: 

  • Privacy — Addressing intimate issues in open court can be both distressing and embarrassing. Keeping the matter in a private forum allows for more open communication and discourages emotional outbursts.
  • Informality — Documentary evidence and sworn witness testimony are used in arbitration hearings. However, avoiding protracted discovery and evidentiary disputes usually leads to a relatively prompt resolution.
  • Cost savings — Divorce takes a financial toll on both parties, and the legal fees associated with trial only make things worse. Though the overall expense of arbitration depends on the length and complexity of the case, in almost every instance its costs are far less than those of a trial.

If arbitration sounds like something that might suit you, Steve can help you understand each part of the process.

Comprehensive advice on the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration          

An arbitration decision cannot usually be appealed, so Steven Weinstein ensures that each party understands the finality of the proceeding from the outset. In some instances, conducting proceedings in court might be necessary, particularly in cases where misconduct exists. Court oversight can benefit a spouse when substance abuse, domestic violence or financial impropriety is alleged. If you decide that you need to hire a divorce attorney in Tucson for litigation, Steven C. Weinstein delivers the diligent advocacy you need.

Contact a dedicated divorce arbitrator for residents in the Tucson area

Steven C. Weinstein arbitrates cases for divorcing spouses in addition to assisting clients as a mediator and family law advocate.  His office is conveniently located in downtown Tucson and provides free parking for clients. Call 520.369.5573 or contact the office online to schedule a meeting. Reduced rates are available for initial consultations.

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