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Property & Debt Division in a Divorce

Arizona Family Law Attorney Steven C. Weinstein – Your Best Legal Resource For Property & Debt Division During A Divorce

The office of Steven C. Weinstein provides comprehensive and effective legal advocacy when it comes to Tucson divorce for men or women throughout the state. Having to separate or divide your property during a divorce can be a daunting task for many people. With a reputation among Tucson divorce law firms for offering personal care and attention to clients, Steve brings a thorough knowledge of Tucson divorce laws – providing his clients with vital and effective assistance when it comes to retaining all the property they are entitled to after a separation.

Family Law Lawyer Steven C. Weinstein – Providing The Solutions You Need In Tucson Divorce Law

Arizona is a community property state – meaning that any asset that is obtained during the marriage will presumptively be considered to be owned by both spouses equally. This presumption will not apply to any property that either spouse owned before the marriage, any property that was specifically given as a gift to one spouse or any property inherited from the deceased owner of an estate.

Though the general rules of community property are straightforward, the specific division of property during a divorce is always more complex than meets the eye. Some items can’t be divided in two, practically speaking. You can’t just split a car or house down the middle. So what do you do?

In the case of a house, you can either agree for one spouse to own it in exchange for other property worth the equivalent of the other spouse’s share, you can sell the house and split the money, or you can simply agree to let the house go into foreclosure.

But what if the two of you can’t agree on post-divorce plans for the house? What if your marriage partner has accumulated debts during your relationship that creditors will hold you responsible for? What if you have a prenuptial agreement or contract which spells out different results for certain property? What if your partner tries to hide community property assets that you are entitled to? In such cases, you will need an experienced and dedicated attorney who will help fight for your best interests and ensure that you receive a fair property settlement in any divorce agreement. The Tucson divorce law firm of Steven C. Weinstein provides you with the kind of zealous and effective representation you need in order to achieve the best possible result in a divorce property dispute.

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