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Tucson Mediator Helps Divorcing Couples Resolve Issues Cooperatively

Experienced Arizona attorney enables spouses to avoid costly litigation

Dissolving a marriage is never easy, but many Arizona couples are able to avoid the stress and expense of litigation by resolving their divorce through mediation. As an experienced mediator, Steven C. Weinstein can guide you through this process and toward a mutually beneficial solution. With roots that stretch back more than 70 years, the firm is known for providing exceptional legal skill and thorough advice that focuses on spouses’ overall well-being. If you’re dissolving your marriage and think that a consensual agreement might work better than arguing in court, Steve can help you understand how mediation works.

Skilled assistance to move beyond end-of-marriage conflicts

With more than three decades helping Arizona clients manage breakups, Steven Weinstein knows what it takes for divorce mediation to succeed:

  • Matters involving children — Even when other disputes cannot be settled, it is in everyone’s best interests to resolve questions of child custody and support through consensus. Parents of minor children will need to work together for years on crucial matters, and Steve can help foster an agreement that serves everyone’s best interests.
  • Property division — In Arizona, a community property state, most marital assets are divided 50-50. With this in mind, a negotiated arrangement honors spouses’ specific needs and emotional attachment to certain items.
  • Spousal maintenance — No one knows better than you and your partner about each other’s lifestyle, living expenses and earning ability. Even though there often hard feelings about the proper support level for the spouse who earns less income, a strong, sensitive mediator can help the parties reach a fair solution.

Even if you don’t believe that all of your disputed issues can be handled in mediation, removing some conflicts from the litigation process can benefit each spouse.

Knowledgeable advice to determine if mediation is right for you

Mediation as an alternative to divorce litigation can only proceed successfully if the following conditions are present:

  • Mutual agreement to end the marriage — Mediation only works if both spouses wish to terminate the marriage. Fault is not an issue in most Arizona divorces, so accusing a partner of adultery or other misconduct is not productive in litigation or mediation.
  • Commitment to resolve issues — Many people wrongly assume that mediation only works when the parties are united or very close on every possible issue. This is not true. Mediation can help bring spouses to consensus even when there are significant disagreements over matters such as custody, alimony and property division. However, both parties must be committed to exchanging information and reaching a compromise without being forced to do so by the court.
  • Absence of serious parenting conflicts — Parents who acknowledge and encourage each other’s full participation in their child’s life going forward can usually reach agreement during mediation. On the other hand, if you know or suspect that your partner is a threat to your child’s safety or well-being, judicial authority will likely be necessary to obtain acceptable child custody and visitation terms.

Even if you’re not sure that mediation will work for you, Steve Weinstein can evaluate your specific circumstances and give you an idea of what to expect.

Contact an experienced Tucson divorce mediator

Steven C. Weinstein assists Arizona clients with divorce mediation and other family law issues. His office is conveniently located in downtown Tucson and provides free parking for clients. Call 520.369.5573 or contact the office online to schedule a meeting. Reduced rates are available for initial consultations.

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